Hello Blog World!

Hello Blog World!
Hello Blog World!
This is a fairly new world to me, yet I have been told that it is a fascinating one indeed..!
2013 began with a personal promise- to live and love passionately. With this motto, I promised myself, that despite the many challenges that this year holds, I shall continue to live meaningfully and use passion as the main ingredient in all that I do. This includes my work, my travels, time with family and friends, my running, my cooking, my writing and my spirituality.
2013 started with a glorious note- my first e-cookbook was published on Amazon, and I am delighted to share this exciting news on Blog World…
A squirrel in your kitchen’ e-cookbook launched… a nostalgic voyage into the kitchen of dear friends
What do you get when you ask your dearest friends from around the world to contribute their favorite, easy to make, quick yet delicious, fail-proof recipes that are dear to their hearts? You end up with an invaluable collection of recipes, and personal anecdotes from each friend, that can be used to feed ourselves and our families, even on those hectic days when time is short.
A squirrel in your kitchen’, compiled and written by me and designed by Lilia Larcos, is a nostalgic voyage into the kitchens and hearts of 32 girlfriends (and a male Chef friend) who live around the world – from Cyprus to Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, France, Germany, Belgium, the UK, Canada and all the way to Alaska in the USA! What do all these girlfriends have in common aside from their friendship with me? They all love incredible food and yet they do not always have the time in the day to spend hours in the kitchen.
Even the Food Channel host of ‘French Food at Home’, Laura Calder (www.lauracalder.com ), one of the cookbook’s contributors doesn’t want to spend all day in the kitchen and gives us her thoughts on whipping up a delish red lentil dish- one of her top five dishes. ‘I LOVE this dish,’ Laura says. ‘Since it’s vegetarian, anyone can eat it, and it has the convenience of taking only half an hour to cook.’  
As I treasure my friendships immensely, I always try to stay in touch with dear friends around the world despite the many times which I have had to relocate. I wanted a creative approach to connect my girlfriends who live in various corners of the world. I thought that all these exceptional ladies may not know each other, yet they all share an affinity for food. They all want to make great food, be healthy and have fun at it! However, as we very well know, work and other priorities often come before cooking so I felt it was important to simplify life enough so that great food did not have to be compromised. The book also features numerous of my own recipes.
Connecting friends through food and enabling them to share their favorite recipes and tips, coupled with my yearning to trace memories through food, epitomizes the very essence of this e-cookbook, launched in January 2013.
When I was contemplating this cookbook venture, I wanted to awaken tender memories through a nostalgic voyage into the kitchen of dear friends.  To ‘smell’ the coffee brewing, ‘taste’ that homemade stew and scrumptious dessert, and transfer those aromas in my kitchen, regardless how far away some friends are. I managed to collect 52 recipes which have been tried and tested from the heart, as these can add a touch of spice to any dish!  
Why a squirrel in your kitchen?’ you may be wondering. Well, I have to admit that I was fascinated by these little creatures from the moment I set eyes on them in Indiana, Pennsylvania! For five years, these bushy-tailed neighbors kept me pleasant company, unveiling the charming beauty and wonders of Pennsylvania. Smart and persistent, squirrels use their keen sense of smell to locate buried nuts. In this cookbook, they use their keen sense of nostalgia to locate my friends by ‘dipping’ into kitchens around the globe.
The taste of savory dishes and delectable desserts reside deep in my heart, just like dear friends!
A squirrel in your kitchen’ is available for download on kindle at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AYXN500.

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