happy moon gazing

A few days before Sunday’s Super Moon, I was explaining to some friends that this would be the closest the moon will get to the earth this year and that we had to be alert to the moon’s strong energies.
‘What do you mean by strong energies thía, and how do they affect us,’ my 9-year old friend, Alexandra asked me, her eyes wide open.
‘If I start singing, while playing the drums, Alexandra, do you think you’d feel the beat in the next room?’ I asked her.
She nodded. ‘And if there’s an earthquake here in Nicosia, do you think we will feel it?’ ‘Of course!’ she replied.
So, I explained that whatever happens within the universe has an effect on us and that this way, we would feel the strong force and magic of the Super Moon.
On Sunday, I visited one of my favorite spots, Governor’s Beach. I swam from the coast to the caves and back several times as I immersed myself in those invigorating waters. I placed by head and hands on the caves and let that incredible energy navigate through my body.
I certainly had a happy moon gazing this weekend. How refreshing and rejuvenating!

About Mahi S

I was born on the island of Cyprus in 1971. For years, I lived the life of a nomad: I grew up in the Arab Gulf, finished high school in Cyprus, then went to the U.S. for five remarkable, life-changing years of study and work in public relations. With every change of home, I was confronted with the challenge of separation and the issue of identity, but ultimately the rewarding experience of interacting with people of different cultures has informed my life ever since. It inspired me to create an ideal setting wherever I found myself, to live meaningfully and use passion as the main ingredient in my life. I run to keep myself motivated and to fire the kind of creative thinking that keeps me balanced and content. But it’s also an ongoing challenge: since 1999, I have completed 17 half-marathons, which I try to run in a different city every time. In fact, running and travel are the two pillars of my life philosophy: “Travel is fascinating, whether it’s about a series of mesmerizing destinations or a journey within myself”. “Running keeps me sane, motivated and focused!” Right now, I am focusing on promoting my new book, ‘A squirrel in your kitchen’ an e-cookbook with quick, easy and delicious recipes (and anecdotes) from dearest friends around the world. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AYXN500. I am also hoping to experience the fascinating challenge of a full marathon in 2016; in Athens or New York. We’ll see!

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