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SUP yoga- an amazing experience!


Like most yogis, I practice yoga to improve my flexibility and posture, but above all for better mental and physical balance. So, when SUP (stand-up paddle) yoga classes came to town, I set out to test the waters myself. I happen to live on an island where the sun shines seven months out of the year and I love the sea, so the very idea of saluting the sun on a floating yoga mat felt like paradise.


friendship is a treasured gift…



Friendship is a treasured gift and a blessing at the same time. Yet, lasting friendships require strong foundations of love, understanding, acceptance, a good ear and a generous dose of QUALITY TIME to talk, laugh, cry and smile.
Life may not always present us with as many opportunities as we like to meet with friends often, however, it is important to show friends that they are in our hearts. A phone call, a text, a card or chocolate bar in the post, a homemade cake with a smile at a friend’s doorstep… These and so many more gestures of heart can make loved friends feel so very special! Sometimes, that extra little effort is all it takes to spice up friendship and make it more meaningful.
I am blessed to have friends from all walks of life. Some have actually been in my life for over 30 years. It seriously does take an effort- most importantly, time but it is worth it. At least, most of the times..!
Here’s a scoop into MY lessons learned:
– Make an effort to meet with special friends. Set a date. Create an experience, and make it fun.
– Friends may be on a different walk of life than when you first met them, however, don’t forget that they once stamped your life in their own, unique way.
– If friends can still make you laugh, keep them!
– Better yet, if they bring the child out of you, this is priceless!
Friendship is a gift of life, however, it is up to us to sprinkle it, every so often with the right spices..


Friendship is a special gift

you get endowed in life

It’s based on trust and kindness

on one you can rely

This special one is there for you

in ugly times and nice

The one who tells the truth to you

and loves you all the time

It is this special one I saw in you

back then in old times

It is the one I see in you

today with all rough tides

You’re simply one in a million

The very rarest type

The one who’s touched my heart and soul

So many, many times

You are the type of special friend I’d like to keep for life

In moments both good and bad

In my whole life

(Mahi, 2002)