Special times with Louis

The very moment when I decided I was going to Los Angeles, I was overwhelmed with excitement and eager anticipation. I was going to re-unite with dear friends, but most importantly, I would see my Louis after eight years.
I first met Louis when I worked at a toy store and he was about two. Louis loved the Brio wooden railway track. He would take my hand and direct me to the railway set at the back of the store. He loved pushing the little green, yellow and red trains around the track. He would then pause to smile at me. And then, he returned back to the track, pushing the little trains, round and round. Pausing for a smile, and to get hold of my hand so that I would push the trains along with him.
I was worried that Louis would not remember me so many years later. He would soon turn 19 and I wondered if that special connection we had, would still be in his memory. But his mom assured me that he would recall feelings. And, that a dvd of Pinocchio would certainly be a catch!
I greeted Louis with a smile. Followed by a shoulder rub. And, finally… Pinocchio. Minutes later, he took my hand. He was ready to lead me into his world. A world filled with unconditional love, carefreeness and glee.
Louis is autistic, and just like any child with special needs, he had a wealth of life lessons for me in just one week of play:
–      Smile and be happy
–      Don’t stress
–      Live the moment
–      Slow dance often
–      Give healing hugs
–      Treat your friends to brunch
–      When bored, pose in front of the mirror and pretend you are John Travolta!
–      Have karaoke nights often
–      Make sure you know where mom hides the yummy bagels
–      Be yourself… c’est la vie baby!

About Mahi S

I was born on the island of Cyprus in 1971. For years, I lived the life of a nomad: I grew up in the Arab Gulf, finished high school in Cyprus, then went to the U.S. for five remarkable, life-changing years of study and work in public relations. With every change of home, I was confronted with the challenge of separation and the issue of identity, but ultimately the rewarding experience of interacting with people of different cultures has informed my life ever since. It inspired me to create an ideal setting wherever I found myself, to live meaningfully and use passion as the main ingredient in my life. I run to keep myself motivated and to fire the kind of creative thinking that keeps me balanced and content. But it’s also an ongoing challenge: since 1999, I have completed 17 half-marathons, which I try to run in a different city every time. In fact, running and travel are the two pillars of my life philosophy: “Travel is fascinating, whether it’s about a series of mesmerizing destinations or a journey within myself”. “Running keeps me sane, motivated and focused!” Right now, I am focusing on promoting my new book, ‘A squirrel in your kitchen’ an e-cookbook with quick, easy and delicious recipes (and anecdotes) from dearest friends around the world. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AYXN500. I am also hoping to experience the fascinating challenge of a full marathon in 2016; in Athens or New York. We’ll see!

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