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10 steps to greater fitness and well-being

Today, I would like to share some inspiration for your well-being through one of my articles on Fit to Inspire:
’10 Steps to Greater Fitness and Well-Being’ 
Exercise pays off in many more ways than you have ever imagined. It boosts your creativity, energizes your routine, and affects your mood and performance at work. Plus, as Olympia Dukakis recently told Fit to Inspire, it ‘gives you a will to engage in life’ as a better person, friend, colleague, mother and wife.

The power of love

This year begun with a hiccup. A health challenge in my family, which shook my world.
Plans, resolutions and calendar appointments were suddenly erased. Nothing was more important than restoring my dad’s health. Daddy instantly became my prime project.
Endless research, gathering and processing information, accessing doctors worldwide through great friends, and educating myself was crucial. I gathered all of my knowledge in wellness, nutrition, natural remedies, reached out to my wellness warriors and began to transport all that to my daddy every day. Sprinkled with love, and an insatiable desire to heal him.
–      Mung beans sprinkled with turmeric
–      An all-green diet
–      Juicing
–      Positive thinking
–      Visualization
–      Crystal therapy
Precious, priceless moments cherished. Every day, every moment.
Love given unconditionally without taking anything for granted- not any longer.
The power of love is wondrous: a smile, a kiss, words which empower and inspire.
“Here’s a juice made with love, daddy. A juice which only allures health and wellness.”
“There’s a dash of cinnamon on your oats today! Can you taste that?”
“You just need to get a little bit stronger before we can cross that finish line, hand in hand.”
Lean on me daddy. As it’s the least I can offer for all those times when I leaned on you to become the woman I am today. A woman, who’s proud enough to say:
You are my hero, my wellness warrior, my inspirer… my gem of a daddy!