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Childhood Reminiscences



I vividly remember those glorious days at the beach with my dad 40 years ago. We would drive past rolling desert dunes and majestic palm trees, singing off-key, ecstatic at the idea that we would soon have him all to ourselves! Fridays were the only time that dad did not work. And my brother and I had his undivided attention.
Those were our days in Oman back in the 70s. Oman of our heart… our own family gem in the Arabian Peninsula for a little over a decade.
A towel, fruit, sandwiches and water. Those were our essentials. Nothing more. Nothing less.
We spent hours running on that long stretch of golden sand, chasing crabs, filling our little buckets with sea shells, kicking sea water while playing wet hide and seek. And laughing.. incessantly.
Then there were the seagulls, which would randomly appear on that pristine coastline early in the afternoon. I still remember Coco- an injured sea gull, which daddy saved. For weeks, he tried to explain to us in vain why he had to let him fly away.
Those were our special ‘seasons in the sun’.
When I am sad, disheartened, disillusioned or, when these memories pinch my heart, I just close my eyes for a moment and I magically surface in this childhood wonderland. I take a fascinating glimpse in Oman of my heart, feel that fresh salt air brushing my face, and I smile. I smile at those days of innocence and genuine beauty.
A childhood family friend, Litsa Liasis, recently told me that my dad’s passing resembled the end of an era- an era of innocence and purity. That special era of our days in Oman.
And I wondered… could we perhaps relive this era…?

The Essence of Life

Today, I would like to share an article which was published in the #elephantjournal through #fittoinspire. I dedicate this article to my dad, the one man who taught me the TRUE essence of life..!
Since my late teens, my rite of passage to herald the spring is pedicured feet flaunting in a new pair of vibrant sandal wedges.
It’s my way of saying:
“Hello spring, I am so happy that you are here!”
This Spring, I bought a pair of trainers instead. Not for me, but for my amazing dad. Faced with a serious health challenge a few months ago, dad has been too weak to run. His determination to soon run a 10k with me, however, is astounding. Quite frankly, he’s my daily dose of inspiration.
I had to create “spring” for dad sealed with a promise to run together again.