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Let Momentum Continue!


Awesome TEDxNicosiaWomen Team,

TEDxNicosiaWomen Team by AJ Photo Art

TEDxNicosiaWomen Team by AJ Photo Art

On May 29, we listened to bold ideas that create Momentum through a fascinating platform of remarkable women living on the island, coupled with a broadcast of equally inspiring speakers from TEDWomen in California.

Let us rewind and reflect on Momentum.


Sophia Papastavrou took us on a journey upon her quest for identity, which has evolved through countless travels and years of living abroad.  An ambiguous term, Sophia described identity as ‘an ongoing process, evolving, elusive, fluid, contradictory and slippery,’ explaining that she wishes for her unborn daughter to be able to recognize diverse cultural representations at an early age.

Christina Smith spoke about ‘The Challenge of a Woman’ in a male dominated work environment- the police force. Following years of arrogant and condescending remarks by various colleagues and associates, Christina strived to make herself recognized for her contribution and not for who she was- a tall, powerful, confident woman. Christina encouraged the audience to face up to life’s challenges and everything which doesn’t quite feel right.

Alexia Paraskeva was a living testament that TED is not just about ideas, but entertainment. She captured the audience through two acting performances and a reading of Kavafy’s ‘Ithaca’ creating an avalanche of emotions from laughing and smiling to tears and reflection.

Dr. Yasmin Ohlsson posed the question whether we are gaining or losing Momentum about our health. A family doctor with a specialist interest in Preventive and Lifestyle Medicine, in due course, Yasmin trained as a coach in an effort to better comprehend how to challenge and change human behavior, ultimately helping her clients to make meaningful lifestyle choices.

Patricia Martin, a lawyer from the US, spoke about her mission, which brought her to Cyprus. Patricia chose Cyprus, which she describes as an abused woman, to launch ‘One Woman at a Time’ (OWAAT), a community court collaboration aimed at educating abused women of their basic rights to prevent violence against them as well as empower them. Her 7-month endeavors on the island brought a glimpse of hope as the first self-help abuse case reached court.

Four speakers, two acting performances, one reading and a TEDWomen broadcast connecting Nicosia, Cyprus, through a global conversation with 240 TEDxWomen events in 68 countries. All of this put together, created Momentum in the way we think, live and work.

But, that’s not the entire picture!

Momentum began months ago, at that very moment, when TEDWomen announced this year’s theme. We identified our speakers, heard their story, and helped them transport that one idea, which creates Momentum, Live on the TEDxNicosiaWomen stage.

We also identified our team, which worked tirelessly and passionately to organize and present an event which  intrigued, energized and inspired with ‘ideas worth spreading.’

That Spark, which got things moving, created a Magical Domino Effect filled with passion, enthusiasm and motivation to make TEDxNicosiaWomen become reality.

Awesome TEDxers, each of the above key ingredients, refer to ALL of you- the wonderful organizing team and volunteers! The extraordinary power of X, which has brought us all together deserves a heartfelt applause and a humble Thank You! Thank you for believing in us!



cruising the Old Town under the moonlight

Easter Saturday was my day to ride- not on the safe, familiar route of the path or park, but through main roads, roundabouts and streets bustling with people, motorbikes and cars. It was a fear which I had to conquer and that recurring itch in my soul was finally urging me to ‘break the shell so that the bird could fly’ (Alfred Tennyson).
I was in safe hands in the company of much loved old friends, who promised to safeguard me along the way. I made them promise to bear with my baby pedals until ‘the bird could fly,’ and they assured me that they would.
We meandered our way through the Old Town of Nicosia, feeling its historic heartbeats and experiencing its culture on two wheels while listening to the owls and frogs in the nearby river. It was all a totally different angle from walking through the city, I must admit. And then I remembered my friend Klimentini’s wise words: ‘When you look up, you see the history of a place through the architecture. What is on the ground floor tends to be new additions like shops and restaurants.’
Famagusta_Gate_by_Night  onasagorou
Could it be the cool breeze brushing our faces, the satisfaction of exploring, that liberating feeling which cycling carries with it, a unique bonding venture with friends of almost 30 years? I think that it was a blend of ALL these delightful ingredients which refreshed and rejuvenated our mind, body and soul.
What a truly amazing experience riding under the moonlight! I thank our ‘peloton leader’ Christos for the inspiration and motivation.