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So, what’s your perspective?



October has certainly been a month of ‘Perspectives.’ At least for me.
Following a most rewarding, two-week educational trip to the US, where I attended a program ‘Standing with Civil Society’ I am back, recharged, with different #Perspectives. We had citizen diplomacy meetings, examining the role of civic participation in an effort to improve government responsiveness. This led to the ultimate realization that we as citizens are the true ambassadors of change in this world. But, above all, the most gratifying part was interacting with people from 29 countries and observing their #Perspective.
An opportunity to Re-Think my Perspective and mission in life: that, in life there is indeed a circle of acts of kindness and acts of cruelty. And what we give, tends to come back to us, along with the wheel of change.
Coming home, I started work on TEDxNicosia 2014, along with my fellow TEDxers, who all share a common drive to make a REAL impact in the community we live in. I’ve said this before but I need to say it again! Every single TEDxNicosia team member will tell you that this is their way of giving back to the community. Quite simply, it is their humble contribution to society.
This year, TEDxNicosia challenges its audience to explore different Perspectives: of people who have always seen things differently, people who change gears and expand their perspective, or, people who simply follow that little voice inside of them. 
 ‘So, what’s your Perspective?’  I asked the TEDxNicosia team.

First, I touched base with Marina Theodotou, Founder of TEDxNicosia. When Marina  relocated to NYC, she asked us to ‘step up’ and take over. This was her message, from the Big Apple to the Little Island:

‘A small shift in our own perspective can translate into a giant change in the world. So, think about your perspective…Look north, south, west, east, decide what changes YOU want to make, and go ahead and make them.’

And, then followed a stream of inspiration from the rest of the TEDxNicosia organizing team:

‘By accepting the existence of points of views, we widen our horizons, we understand the importance of individual differences and maintain an open mind to the multidimensional aspects surrounding us. It’s all about perspectives.’ –Paul Koronis, Curator/ Organizer

‘In every story, challenge, idea or solution, there is a hidden angle that appears more unique, innovative and more inspiring. Pay close attention to the details and you will find it.’ – Loris Stavrinides, Organizer/ Creative Director

‘Rain. You love it. It brings you euphoria. But not when you are driving, or when you are heartbroken, or when you had plans outdoors, or when you have to walk, or when you are on vacation. But you love rain. Rain will always be rain. How you feel about it, truly depends on the angle you look at it. Life, is all about those angles.’ –Maria Stylianou, Production Manager
 ‘Sometimes, you have to tread back to your past to gain a perspective of the present.’ 
-Andri Josef, Photographer
‘Not all is black and white – or right or wrong- and as long as you have a solid argument to support your point of view, a perspective is to be respected. There are as many realities and perspectives in this world, as the number of people living in it…’ –Stephania Constantinou, Translations & Logistics
 ‘People can approach the same topic, object, idea from a different angle. Just think about that!’ –Charis Michael, Sponsors & Logistics Coordinator
‘Perspectives is how we, individually, perceive what’s around us. It’s what we make of the world around us. It’s those people who have learned to hear the voice inside them by challenging all of their preconceived ideas and assumptions. It’s the people that break rules and are crazy enough to go into this world and create. It’s what Steve Jobs said, “the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels”. This year’s theme is devoted to the people that make innovation happen, those who have put all of their preconceived ideas and assumptions in a blender and poured it out in a marvelous form. 
Christina Neophytidou, Ticketing & Auditorium Management
‘It’s a way to see life, details, and the big picture in so many different ways. It’s an encouraging vision of all aspects of life…’ –Evanthia Koronis, Sponsors & Logistics Coordinator
‘Perspectives – be it in the form of art; famous paintings which different minds interpret in different ways. Be it in an argument or a controversial statement and the various perspectives it can possess, it is definitely a broad and interesting theme which is bound to fascinate.’ –Stephanie Stefanou, Logistics
‘You have a choice in how you choose to view a situation in life- each choice we make helps to define us and shape our value system. Observing other peoples perspectives can help move you out of your comfort zone, educate you, inspire you and alert you to a different way of thinking. It can free you!’ –Thalia Iacovou, Volunteer Coordinator
‘The same event or situation can be seen through many difference lenses and thus, be filtered in many different ways- this is what perspectives is all about.’
Anna Koukkides-Procopiou, Volunteer Coordinator






The power of ‘X’

It’s official! The TED bug is on and so is the power of ‘X’.  And we are all set for TEDxNicosia 2014 on November 1. This year, our theme is PERSPECTIVES and we are delighted with people’s enthusiasm when we ask: “So… what’s your PERSPECTIVE?’
I feel  honored to be part of such an incredible team of volunteers, which works tirelessly and passionately towards one single goal- to organize and present an event which will intrigue, energize and inspire with ‘ideas worth spreading.’
Every single TEDxer will tell you that this is their way of giving back to the community. Quite simply, it is their humble contribution to society. What’s more, this is a returning team… So, I asked everyone why! What is that magical X formula which keeps everyone glued on TEDxNicosia?
“It’s all about the collective power of energy: felt through working with a wonderful team, speakers, performers, partners, and the audience. And, the magic being manifested via the local community.” –Paul Koronis, Organizer/ Curator
“The like-minded and passionate energy of the TEDxNicosia team, which makes an inspirational impact in our community.”  –Loris Stavrinides, Organizer/ Creative Director
“What has inspired me to join and be a part of this family is positiveness, thrive for knowledge and peace of mind, happiness, and living in the moment with great ideas!”     –Evanthia Koronis, Sponsors & Logistics Coordinator
“TEDxNicosia has become a way of living. I love our meetings and the times we collectively brainstorm! It’s about professionalism, genuine teamwork, the love we all share for new ideas, the adrenaline rush and the overall excitement on the countdown to the event!” – Stephania Constantinou, Translations & Logistics
 “The unparalleled spirit of the team! Because that’s one of the main ingredients for the success of TEDxNicosia.” – Andri Josef, Photographer
“The need to learn, improve and be inspired by people who have an idea worth spreading!” –Charis Michael, Sponsors & Logistics Coordinator

“The TEDxNicosia experience is truly profound. The reason I keep coming back is because I believe in the spirit of TED, which essentially means bringing people together to spread new ideas. What inspires me is that our team, devotes their personal time to organize successful events in order to spread new ideas to the community around us. We are all so different, coming from different backgrounds but because we share the same values we make it happen. We all inspire and challenge each other and that is how we are able to put together a platform for voices to be heard.” –Christina Neophytidou, Ticketing & Auditorium Management

“The immense impact these events have on our little island’s society. Everyone owes it to themselves to be motivated and inspired. So let’s keep spreading those ideas!”
–Stephanie Stefanou, Logistics
With all that being said so passionately, what more can I say other than:
And let’s keep sprinkling it with passion!