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I fell in love with your vibe, Yoga Rocks!



The time had come for my long-awaited yoga trip to Crete. It was time to exhale, following a year of challenges, change, new beginnings, bewilderment, turmoil and occasional numbness. As we drove from Heraklion to Triopetra, I was immersed in my thoughts, yearning for peace of mind and a relentless need to reconnect with myself again.

“In Crete, when we have a small problem, we drink one raki… For big problems, we have two rakis,” the jovial taxi driver interrupted my thoughts. I chuckled, as I recalled how this apéritif makes life merrier!

… And then… I fell in love… with the vibe of Yoga Rocks.



SUP yoga- an amazing experience!


Like most yogis, I practice yoga to improve my flexibility and posture, but above all for better mental and physical balance. So, when SUP (stand-up paddle) yoga classes came to town, I set out to test the waters myself. I happen to live on an island where the sun shines seven months out of the year and I love the sea, so the very idea of saluting the sun on a floating yoga mat felt like paradise.